Khashayar Shakiba, MD, FACOG, FPMRS
Recurrent Vaginal Infection & Discharges 2017-10-16T17:55:31+00:00


Some women experience excessive vaginal discharge, creating a wet and uncomfortable feeling. Although vaginal discharge is normal for women, excessive quantities of it can suggest a vaginal infection, which can be harmful if gone untreated. Other signs a woman should look for if she is suspicious of a vaginal infection is itchiness, malodorous discharge, discharge of a thick, creamy consistency, and any yellow or greenish colored tint to the discharge.

The most common and definitive option to detect if a vaginal infection is present is to have a vaginal culture taken. This is performed in office and consists of Dr. Shakiba taking a swab sample using a thin cotton swab and sending it out to a lab for readings of the results. Pending the results, Dr. Shakiba would then prescribe antibiotics intended for the specific infection.

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