Millions of women are plagued by medical issues such as fibroids, adenomyosis, endometriosis, pelvic pain, uterine/ pelvic organ prolapses, and uterine/ abnormal bleeding. For these, among other issues, robotic hysterectomies are becoming a popular option for treatment due to the many benefits this surgery can provide. Though traditional hysterectomies are considered to be very safe procedures, and the only surgery more common for women are cesarean sections, hysterectomies do come with complications and the possibility of such complications as nerve damage. An alternative to this is the modern robotic hysterectomy, performed by Dr. Shakiba of North Jersey Women’s Pelvic Surgery.

The benefits of treating women’s issues with robotic hysterectomy include a lesser invasive approach, which has been shown to present shorter hospital stays, a lesser risk of complications, and overall easier recoveries. Many women fear the thought of undergoing a traditional hysterectomy and the extensive recovery it often entails. As it is such a common procedure, most women have heard first-hand accounts of difficulties and the pain associated with recovering, therefore it is not something most enter into without a great deal of consideration. Due to these issues, having an option that offers a less invasive surgery, along with more precision, and the ability to shorten the length of recovery, while lessening the incidence of dramatic complications can be a huge relief. When it comes to surgery, peace of mind is huge!

What makes the robotic hysterectomy so effective is the usage of the da Vinci® System, which enables a visually-enhanced view of the treatment area. It enables surgeons to maintain a more controlled handle of intricate and fine movements during surgery, allowing for greater precision. The aspect of 3D imaging provides the ability to safely manage the detailed work of a complex hysterectomy, while maintaining the integrity of the other organs that may be affected by the hysterectomy.

Additionally, one concern many women fear as a result of a hysterectomy are complications that affect their sex lives, and/ or cause loss of vaginal tone. However, Dr. Shakiba understands these concerns, and his skills as not only a urogynecologist, but also as a pelvic reconstructive surgeon, enable him to perform procedures with the highest level of skill to ensure the greatest level of satisfaction in his patients.

If you suffer from such medical problems as endometriosis, fibroids, pelvic pain, uterine or other pelvic organ prolapses, uterine bleeding, or adenomyosis, contact Women’s Pelvic Surgery of North Jersey, LLC today. Robotic hysterectomy may be an ideal solution for your issues, and it can serve to provide relief in the event other methods of treatment have failed. Dr. Shakiba is a board-certified urogynecologist and pelvic surgeon who has not only immense experience, but also unmatched skill in the highly-technical area of robotic surgery with the da Vinci® Surgical System. He is dedicated to providing the finest surgical care possible, with lasting, exemplary results.

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