Abnormal & Heavy Vaginal Bleeding


Abnormal bleeding is characterized by spontaneous bleeding occurring between periods. However, persistent bleeding can be detrimental to a woman’s social life, occupation, libido, and even health. This unforeseen type of bleeding can be due to a variety of issues and Dr. Shakiba has helped many patients in the past find out what the source of the bleeding is in order to treat it properly and efficiently. The cause of abnormal vaginal bleeding can be due to an anatomical abnormality, pathophysiology, congenital disorder, hormonal imbalance, and/or infection. After obtaining an extensive personal history and performing a manual pelvic exam to detect any suspicious palpable abnormalities, Dr. Shakiba takes the time to explain to the patient his exact plan of care starting with the least invasive options possible.

Excessively heavy bleeding during a woman’s period can also be concerning for a woman’s health. This type of constant, significant loss of blood cause results in a woman becoming anemic, excessively fatigued, and short of breath and should be addressed immediately.

Pelvic ultrasounds are commonly used to visualize any pelvic anatomical abnormalities which may be sourced to any abnormal or excessively heavy bleeding. These are performed weekly in our office by a trained ultrasound technician who specializes in pelvic sonograms, and then the results are subsequently reviewed with Dr. Shakiba immediately afterwards who explains any abnormal findings. In some cases, a woman may have a condition which requires surgery in order to permanently stop the bleeding. Although used as a last means, Dr. Shakiba will not hesitate to perform surgery to stop any discomfort or inconvenience caused by the bleeding if that is what the patient desires.

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