Bladder Scan


Bladder Scan is a test performed in office that measures the residual amount of urine left in a patient’s bladder after voiding, also known as “post-void residual” (PVR). Bladder scan is utilized for post-operative patients who had a sling surgically placed to ensure that they are fully emptying their bladder when using the restroom, as well as patients who are complaining of urinary frequency. It is important to make sure a woman is emptying her bladder at its complete capacity to prevent any urinary leakage, or urinary frequency, both of which can become an inconvenience to one’s social and economic life, as well as cause future bladder infections. The bladder scan test is performed by externally scanning the patient’s bladder by applying a probe to the patient’s lower abdomen, all of which takes no more than 5 minutes.

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