Cystocele (Bladder Prolapse)


What is cystocele?

Cystocele is the herniation or bulging of the anterior (front) vaginal wall and is most commonly associated with “bladder prolapse”. It is known as bladder prolapse because that is where your bladder is anatomically located and is most commonly caused by weakened muscles in the vaginal walls. Common side effects women with cystocele may experience include urinary frequency, urinary retention, and urinary incontinence or “leakage”.

How can cystocele be treated?

Cystocele can be found via pelvic exam and depending on the severity of cystocele, it can be improved with kegel exercises or pelvic physical therapy. However, in the more advanced stages, surgery will be required. The type of surgery utilized would be dependent on a multitude of factors of the individual woman at hand and Dr. Shakiba does an excellent job at helping his patients choose the best option of surgery to ensure the best possible outcome.

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