Painful Intercourse


Pain during intercourse, otherwise known as “dyspareunia” can and does affect women of all ages. The pain can be due to a variety of problems including inflammation, atrophy, or infection of the pelvic region. It is not uncommon for women to look over this problem when having discussions with their healthcare providers. However, it is extremely treatable and should not go unnoticed as it can cause future health-related problems down the line. What can be done for painful intercourse?

Dependent upon the cause of a woman’s pain, would dictate the course of action in treating the problem. Elder women may experience pain during intercourse due to vaginal dryness. For this, the patient can undergo *Mona Lisa laser treatment* or use vaginal hormone cream to restore the vaginal epithelium, making the tissue less sensitive and more easily lubricated. A younger woman may be experiencing pain due to infection or inflammation of her pelvic organs. This inflammation can be reduced with a course of antibiotics, making sex less painful and more enjoyable. If the root of a woman’s pain is due to an anatomical irregularity, surgery may be the best possible solution. Dr. Shakiba does his best to ensure comfort in his patient’s daily lives and takes all measures necessary to do so.

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