Pelvic Utrasonography


Pelvic sonograms are non-invasive tests that use ultrasound to better visualize the internal pelvic organs. Pelvic sonograms, commonly referred to as “pelvic ultrasounds” are performed in office by a licensed ultrasound technician who is specialized in pelvic sonography. The test lasts approximately 25 minutes and is accompanied by an office visit with Dr. Shakiba immediately afterwards. Often times at other facilities, patients have to wait for their results to be faxed over to their physician’s office in order to find out what the results are, but at Women’s Pelvic Surgery of North Jersey, the results are instantaneous, allowing patients to leave that day with concrete information regarding any conditions or reassurance.

How do I know if I need a pelvic sonogram?

Pelvic sonograms are used to provide more conclusive findings for any conditions Dr. Shakiba may suspect during the pelvic examination and/or while obtaining your patient history. Women who are believed to have fibroids, PCOS, or ovarian cysts will undergo a pelvic sonogram to confirm the presence of any abnormalities in their pelvic region. Pelvic sonograms are also utilized to offer any potential etiologies for women who are suffering from abnormal vaginal bleeding, or persistent pelvic pain.

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