Uterine Prolapse


What is uterine prolapse?

Uterine Prolapse is the descending or “drop” of the uterus into the vaginal vault (main opening of vagina). Prolapse can range in severity, based on how far the drop is, ranging from stage I to stage IV. Women with stage I uterine prolapse typically experience minimal, if any symptoms. However, women with stage III or stage IV prolapse can visualize the drop, as it can be protruding out of the vagina. Age, weight, and number of vaginal births increase your risk of developing uterine prolapse.

How can uterine prolapse be treated?

Uterine prolapse can be temporarily treated with the use of a pessary. A pessary is a rubber device that is inserted into the vagina to uphold the uterus. They temporarily relieve symptoms, however they do require frequent follow-up for cleaning. A more permanent option to treat uterine prolapse would be with surgery. A few options of surgery that can be used to treat uterine prolapse would be sacrocolpopexy or colpocleisis. Uterine prolapses get worse over time so if you feel as if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is highly recommended to be evaluated.

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