Uterine Septum


What is a uterine septum?

A uterine septum is characterized by a band of tissue growing abnormally within the uterus and dividing it in half. A woman’s uterus typically represents the shape of an upside-down triangle and the tissue can grow in a longitudinal manner, dividing it into two smaller triangle shapes. Although most women with a septated uterus are asymptomatic, it has the potential to cause pelvic pain, repetitive miscarriages, and complications with pregnancy.

I want to get pregnant, but have a septated uterus, what do I do?

Uterus septum can cause complications during pregnancy or when trying to conceive resulting in repetitive miscarriages. Depending on the size and severity of the septum, it may be in the best interest to remove the septum surgically to minimize complications. This procedure, referred to as “resection of uterine septum” is minimally invasive and will return the uterus to normal configuration, leaving the embryo with enough room to grow within the uterus.

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