Vaginal Prolapse


What is vaginal prolapse?

Vaginal or “Apical” Prolapse is characterized by the descent or “dropping” of the upper portion of the vagina (vaginal apex) into the vaginal vault. The extent of the drop deems what “stage” the prolapse is and can drop as far as outside of the vagina.

What causes vaginal prolapse?

Vaginal prolapse is caused by the weakening of the pelvic and vaginal muscles, most commonly due to vaginal deliveries. Having a prior hysterectomy is a risk factor for vaginal prolapse as well as obesity, age, and lifestyle. Common side effects include urinary incontinence, urinary urgency, and feelings of a constant pressure sensation in your pelvic region. It is common for a patient to have vaginal prolapse at the same time as cystocele or rectocele, which can all collectively be fixed with surgery. If you feel as though you may be experiencing any of these symptoms, we highly recommend you to make an appointment in office to be evaluated for vaginal prolapse, as it can worsen with time.

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