What is vestibulitis?

Vestibulitis, also known as “vulvodynia,” is a condition characterized by consistent and significant pain localized to the vestibule or opening of the vagina. This pain is may be experienced during physical examinations with the insertion of a speculum, intercourse upon entrance of a partner, or while using a tampon at the time of menstruation. Vestibulitis can arise from a variety of reasons, including inflammation or infection of the affected area. In some cases, an antibiotic or anti-inflammatory can assist in decreasing the pain. However, as everyone’s pelvic anatomy is slightly different, the most definitive way to treat the condition would be to make an appointment with Women’s Pelvic Surgery of North Jersey for a thorough evaluation by Dr. Shakiba to identify the exact cause for the pain and to collaborate on the most definitive way for treating or managing it.

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